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Booking Terms and Conditions

Participants must be 16 and over and weigh less than 100 kilos (220.462 pounds/ 16 stone). eFoilers under 18 require parental consent and be present during class. Must be able to swim and in good health.


Whats included:

  • helmet 

  • impact vest

  • clothes storage, shower facilities and easy parking

  • we have full civil liability insurance

  • instructor on all reservations


What to bring:

  • passport/identify card

  • water, sun cream, sun glasses, towel 

  • appropriate water wear for the day i.e. swimsuit, sun shirt, wetsuit,

  • it is obligatory to wear a T shirt beneath the impact vest

  • bag or backpack to keep your valuables in



ARRIVAL TIME: Super important to arrive at least 30 minutes before your booking to allow sufficient time for the mandatory eFoil briefing.  We don't want you to lose your booking.


PERSONAL INSURANCE:  open water activities in general and eFoiling in particular carry inherent risks therefore it is highly recommended and the responsibility of the customer to have or subscribe to personal accident insurance / travel insurance that will cover all costs that may result from injuries with or without emergencies or requiring repatriation as a result of activities taken with E-Aquatic.

​Cancellation policy

  • 7+ days in advance of the booking and we will refund your payment minus 20% administration fee

  • less than 7 days of commencement of the trip, no refund of payment or deposit will be available. A voucher will be offered to the same value as the booking, which will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue

  • if you cancel within 48 hours of your reservation or no show, there will be no refund

Cancellation by E-Aquatic

In exceptional circumstances i.e. bad weather, instructor not available, we will inform you as soon as possible before the reservation time.  There will be no claim against inconvenience against E-Aquatic.  Your payment will be refunded in full.

Rental Terms & Conditions


This document contains information and conditions of mandatory compliance and knowledge by the Client, the minors who accompany them and / or their legal guardians prior to carrying out any type of aquatic recreational activity. In case of not accepting these conditions, the Client, the minors in their custody or their guardians will not be able to carry out any activity coordinated by E-Aquatic  and the personnel in charge of the rental, care and monitoring of the activities will not authorize the provision of the service. 


In relation to the rental and use of our water toys, namely but not limited to, Waydoo eFoil, Scubajet duel controller, snorkel equipment, Scubajet electric paddle board, the CLIENT expressly acknowledges and accepts the following:


  1. That the practice of water sports entails certain risks and dangers inherent to the sporting or recreational activity itself, including, but not limited to, the risk of accidents and the production of material damage and personal injury to myself or to the minors under my care. and / or produced for third parties.

  2. That I understand and have knowledge that nautical activities and water sports involve dangers inherent to them because they are carried out in an adverse environment, for which I expressly and voluntarily assume all personal and material risks that may occur to myself or to that of minors under my supervision and / or produced by third parties during the practice of the activities described and during the use of the leased equipment.

  3. That I undertake to use the rented equipment in a safe and responsible manner, not to endanger my physical integrity or that of the rest of the people who are present or the physical or material integrity of the leased property or of those that are in the surroundings.

  4. That I agree to obey and make the minors under my guardianship obey, at all times, the instructors, monitors and any person from the E-Aquatic team in relation to the safety and use regulations of the equipment and facilities. I acknowledge that if I fail to comply with the instructions given by the facilities staff, the equipment may be taken from me without any right to return. I acknowledge that the users of the equipment must obey and act in accordance with the rules of use, which I acknowledge having heard by signing this document, committing myself to comply with them and enforce them by minors in my charge.

  5. That, In the event that as a consequence of a negligent or reckless use of the equipment and / or facilities, damage to the equipment and / or facilities occurs, I expressly authorise E-Aquatic, to charge the named person on the booking for the amount of the repair or replacement of the damaged goods or, where appropriate, endorse the amount previously deposited as a deposit.

  6. That I declare that I have read this agreement and understand that it constitutes an exemption from responsibility and that, with its signature, I assume all the risks that the activity entails, considering myself and / or the minors whom I guardian sufficiently qualified to make good use of the equipment, and to carry out the aquatic and recreational activities described.

  7. That before hiring any equipment I have informed an E-Aquatic team member about possible states of pregnancy, paraplegia, cardiovascular diseases or any other type of diseases or ailments that could affect the physical conditions of my person or of the minors under my care who may use the service.

  8. That I guarantee that neither myself nor the minors under my guardianship who use the services of E-Aquatic are under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may affect their capacity. of reaction during the time in which the aquatic activity is carried out.

  9. That I guarantee that both I and the minors to whom I authorise, where appropriate, the practice of aquatic or recreational activities know how to swim, being essential to participate in the aquatic and recreational activities that are provided.

  10. The use of eFoils by the Client, regardless of their age, will in any case require the use of life jackets and a helmet.

  11. The use of electric Paddle Boards and electric Surfboards, if under the age of 12 require the use of life jackets.

  12. All users of the material must respect the limits set out by the instructor.

  13. E-Aquatic will not accept any responsibility for material damage (including,
    but not limited to, loaned equipment) and / or personal damage suffered by the Client, as well as those caused to third parties as a result of non-compliance with this express prohibition.

  14. That I accept that this document of exemption from responsibility and assumption of risks will remain in force and will be in effect for the duration of the rental of the equipment and the provision of the service of aquatic or recreational activities.

  15. That I exonerate and release E-Aquatic from liability of any kind and its employees and instructors in relation to the risks derived from the practice of the aquatic and recreational activities that are provided. Consequently, I will hold harmless by refraining from formalising any type of informal, formal and / or judicial claim before any jurisdiction and / or instance for material and / or personal damage suffered by me, by minors under my care and / or produced to third parties as a consequence of the practice of any of the nautical activities described.

  16. That I will be responsible for any damage caused, by me or by minors in my custody, to the equipment used during the rental period, whether they have occurred as a result of improper or negligent use of the equipment or not. respecting the rules of use.

  17. That (i) I declare that I am over 16 years of age, that, where appropriate, (ii) I expressly authorise the minors whom I guardian to use the services of E-Aquatic (iii) that in my name and that of the minors under guardianship accept the risks of the activities described, (iv) that I will be responsible for any damage that may be caused to the equipment in accordance with what is indicated in point v.(five) above, and (v) that I have been duly informed of the safety regulations by staff.


I expressly and voluntarily assume all personal and material risks that may occur to myself or to that of minors under my supervision and / or produced to third parties during the practice of the activities described and during the use of the leased equipment.


I will respect the duration of the rental, and the instructions given by the staff of E-Aquatic, I understand that if I go over my time, ending the duration of the rental without having returned the equipment, I will have to pay the price corresponding to another full rental of the same equipment, plus a 25€ penalty.

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