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Experiencias eFoil

Comparte un eFoil desde 75,00€ por persona

 Ofrecemos 3 tipos diferentes de eFExperiencia en aceite

Clases - 1 hour:  sesión informativa de 15 minutos, 45 minutos en el agua

  • Clase 1-2-1:  solo usted y nuestro instructor (dos personas pueden compartir un eFoil)

  • clase grupal: un máximo de 3 eFoils y 6 personas (dos personas pueden compartir un eFoil)

Cualquiera puede eFoil y noexperiencia previala experiencia necesaria. Junto con nuestros instructores, nos aseguramos de que las lecciones sean seguras y una aventura inolvidable llena de diversión.

Experiencia eFoil - 1 hora

Para los que ya saben eFoil o han tomado clases con nosotros, los llevamos a una inolvidable excursión guiada por la costa beentre Sitges y Vilanova, explorando este impresionante tramo de costa. 


Alquilaral conortecondiciones    Descargo de responsabilidad    PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES


Requisitos de Alquiler


Los participantes deben tener 16 años o más y pesar menos de 100 kilos (220.462 libras/ 16 piedras). Los eFoilers menores de 18 años requieren el consentimiento de los padres y estar presentes durante la clase. Debe saber nadar y gozar de buena salud.


Qué está incluido:

  • casco 
  • chaleco de impacto

  • almacenamiento de ropa, duchas y fácil estacionamiento

  • disponemos de seguro de responsabilidad civil a todo riesgo

  • instructor en todas las reservas


Que traer:


  • pasaporte/documento de identidad

  • agua, crema solar, gafas de sol, toalla 

  • ropa de agua adecuada para el día, es decir, traje de baño, camiseta para el sol, traje de neopreno,

  • es obligatorio llevar camiseta debajo del chaleco antichoque

  • bolsa o mochila para guardar tus objetos de valor



HORA DE LLEGADA: Es muy importante llegar al menos 30 minutos antes de la reserva para que haya tiempo suficiente para la sesión informativa obligatoria de eFoil.  No queremos que pierda su reserva.


SEGURO PERSONAL:  las actividades en aguas abiertas en general y eFoiling en particular conllevan riesgos inherentes, por lo tanto, se recomienda enfáticamente y es responsabilidad del cliente tener o suscribirse a un seguro de accidentes personales/seguro de viaje que cubra todos costos que puedan resultar de lesiones con o sin emergencias o que requieran repatriación como resultado de actividades realizadas con E-Aquatic.


Política de cancelación

  • Más de 7 días antes de la reserva y le reembolsaremos su pago menos el 20% de gastos de administración

  • menos de 7 días del comienzo del viaje, no habrá reembolso de pago o depósito disponible. Se ofrecerá un bono por el mismo valor de la reserva, que tendrá una validez de 12 meses a partir de la fecha de emisión

  • si cancela dentro de las 48 horas de su reserva o no se presenta, no habrá reembolso

Cancelación por E-Aquatic

En circunstancias excepcionales, es decir, mal tiempo, instructor no disponible, le informaremos lo antes posible antes de la hora de reserva.  No habrá ningún reclamo por inconvenientes contra E-Aquatic._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Su pago será reembolsado en su totalidad.

  • Can anyone learn to eFoil?
    Yes! eFoiling seems much more difficult than it is. Experience shows that almost everyone can be sure within half an hour. This means all ages and no surf experience is necessary. Of course, each person is different but our classes are designed for all levels.
  • How fit do I need to be?
    eFoiling with E-Aquatic is for people in good physical condition, who can swim and can keep their head above water for extended periods of time if their feet are not in contact with the bottom. Weigh less than100kg.
  • Do you have an age limit?
    We are welcome all eFoilers from 16 years and older. For our younger eFoilers, 16-18, parental consent is required and the parent/guardian must also be present at our centre during the class/excursion.
  • Do I have to pay if I cancel the eFoil lesson?
    Of course something can happen and here is our cancellation policy Cancellation policy 7+ days in advance of the booking and we will refund your payment minus 20% administration fee if you cancel within 48 hours of your reservation or no show, there will be no refund Cancellation by E-Aquatic In exceptional circumstances i.e. bad weather, instructor not available, we will inform you as soon as possible before the reservation time. There will be no claim against inconvenience against E-Aquatic. Your payment will be refunded in full
  • Is eFoiling Dangerous?
    We know from experience that eFoiling is not dangerous as long as you start quietly and listen to the instructions. In addition to the enjoyment of an activity, safety is of paramount importance on all of lessons and experiences We give clear instructions on how to use the eFoil and safety precautions. It is a mandatory requirement that all participants wear one of our helmets and impact vest
  • Am I insured through you?
    We ask you to sign a waiver during the booking process. This is to make you aware of the potential dangers of eFoiling and you agree to participate in the session. PERSONAL INSURANCE: open water activities in general and eFoiling in particular carry inherent risks therefore it is highly recommended and the responsibility of the customer to have or subscribe to personal accident insurance / travel insurance that will cover all costs that may result from injuries with or without emergencies or requiring repatriation as a result of activities taken with E-Aquatic. Or course we are fully insured according to Spanish Law
  • What´s included in the class/excursion
    helmet impact vest clothes storage, shower facilities and easy parking we have full civil liability insurance instructor on all reservations
  • What Should I Bring?
    passport/identify card water, sun cream, sun glasses, towel appropriate water wear for the day i.e. swimsuit, sun shirt, wetsuit, (it is obligatory to wear a T shirt beneath the impact vest) bag or backpack to keep your valuables i
  • How many people can participate in an eFoil lesson at the same time?
    Our eFoil school gives priority for safety as well as pleasure. To ensure safety and to give everyone the same amount of time on the water we limit the number of participants. classes: A maximum of 3 eFoils per instructor, two people can share an eFoil, so maximum of 6 people. private classes: Just you and the instructor with possibility of bringing a friend to share the class
  • How long does an eFoil lesson take?
    An eFoil lesson lasts for 1 hour with time spent approximately: 15 minutes on the beach/Marina for an explanation on the material, techniques, safety briefing 45 minutes in the water eFoiling Its super important to arrive 30 minutes before your time slot so that we can do a little admin and kit you out with a helmet and impact vest. This way we can start immediately at the time booked.
  • What does a lesson look like?
    We have a 5 step process to becoming an proficient eFoiler: on the beach (first class only) introduction of the eFoil and safety briefing moving from belly position to hands and knees on the water Step 1 foiling on your belly how to get on it how to fall off it - to the side to avoid contact with the mast where to place your weight levelling the board shifting your weight left and right to turn the board Step 2 foiling on all fours where to place your body weight and perfecting your centre of mass increase speed to around 10km - planning speed when board can rise above the water practice short foiling flights by moving weight forwards and backwards. longer foiling flights without touching the water practice wide foiling turns by shifting body weight left and right Step 3 - foiling upright on your knees as above Step 4 - stand up on the board from a position of all fours, accelerate to around 10km move front foot in between your hands and move your weight over it slowly stand up keeping weight over front foot correct foot positioning steer board left and right Step 5 - ready to start eFoiling practice touch and go exercise and increase the length of the foiling flights carving, lean close to the water and 360 degree turn
  • When do I become a proficient eFoiler?
    Once you reach Step 5, we will award you with an E-Aquatic proficiency badge. After that, you can either continue to take classes to increase your skill level or join us on a guided excursion along the coast between Sitges and Vilanova.
  • Whats a guided excursion?
    For competent eFoilers, we offer a 1 hour guided excursion along the coast line between Sitges and Vilanova. excursions: A maximum of 3 eFoils per instructor. One person per eFoil, so a maximum of 3 people excursions private: just you and the instructor
  • Does an eFoil lesson continue if the weather is not in progress?
    The best thing about eFoiling is that no wind or waves are needed. This makes it almost always possible! We don't care about rain either as you will get wet anyway! The only culprit is the wind. If it is too hard, eFoil is a lot more difficult and also a lot less fun. We will let you know 24 hours in advance whether the lesson will continue. In 90% of cases, this will be the case.
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