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For professional divers to recreational snorkelers, the SCUBAJET Pro Underwater Kit will take you where you want to go. Press the buttons on the Dual Hand Controller and go deep, far, slow, or fast. It’s up to you.


The 1,000W SCUBAJET PRO jet engine moves you up to 2m/s in the water as you soar seamlessly beneath the ocean’s surface.


200Wh of power packaged in airline-compliant SMART BATTERIES (yes, you can take your SCUBAJET PRO as carry-on) provide you with up to 2 hours of battery life.

SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Dive | Swim | Snorkel

2.665,00 €Precio
Impuesto incluido
  • Motor Unit Power - 1,000W
    Depth rating - 200ft | 60m
    Speed Overwater - up to 7mph | 11km/h
    Speed Underwater - up to 6.56ft/s | 2m/s
    Battery type - Lithium Ion
    Battery capacity - 2x 100Wh = 200Wh (airline-compliant and stackable)
    Battery runtime - up to 2h

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