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eFoil Classes

We offer private and group classes of 1.5 hours.


1. Private class: 1 eFoil, you and our instructor. This option allows for two people sharing a board.

2. A group class will be a maximum of 3 eFoils and up to 6 people. This option allows for two people sharing a board.


Whats included: helmet impact vest clothes storage, shower facilities and easy parking we have full civil liability insurance


What to bring: passport/identify card water, sun cream, sun glasses, towel appropriate water wear for the day if you have it i.e. swimsuit, sun shirt, wetsuit, bag or backpack to keep your valuables in



ARRIVAL TIME: Super important to arrive at least 30 minutes before your booking to allow sufficient time for the mandatory eFoil briefing. We don't want you to lose your booking.

PERSONAL INSURANCE. It is necessary and the responsibility of the customer to subscribe to personal accident insurance and travel insurance that will cover all costs that may result from injuries with or without emergencies or requiring repatriation as a result of activities taken with E-Aquatic


Damage Policy

As soon as you take possession of the eFoil, its your responsibility. Damages includes: the cost of repatriation cost loss of value timeout of rental calendar


Security Deposit: 1. Credit/debit card- security deposit of €500 per eFoil

No damage to equipment: The amount will be released by us from your card 

Damage to equipment: We assess the damage and you fully reimburse us directly for the damage at our centre. We return your deposit.

We don't find an agreement - we use your security deposit

Cancellation Policy

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