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Waydoo Flyer One Plus eFoil

It's an electric surfboard that uses an eFoil to propel itself so you can fly above the water!  


No previous surf or foil experience is needed although beginners will need a couple of lessons with us before taking a board out on their own.

An eFoil is a user-friendly board, which you control with a hand held remote. Pull the trigger, adjust the speed, and off you go!

The Waydoo Flyer is an eFoil board designed to make you fly above the water. The ability to foil anywhere and anytime without wind or waves creates the most fantastic watersports experience that has ever been experienced. It’s fast, quiet, and emission-free.

 With a 24-speed adjustable power controlled by a blue tooth hand held remote control, depending on your skill level and ride type, the Flyer One eFoil series can be used in a variety of ways be it for carving or cruising.


The Waydoo Flyer One Plus has been developed for a maximum weight of 100Kg, if you weigh more than 100Kg this product is not suitable for you.