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E-Aquatic eFoil class Sitges & Vilanova

Welcome to E-Aquatic eFoil Sitges, Barcelona

Come experience the thrill of eFoiling with us!

eFoil Classes  (one eFoil can be shared by two people 30 minutes per person)


Group Class (2 or 3 eFoils) - 130€

Private Class (1 eFoil) - 150€ 
1 hour class with instructor

Guided Excursions along the coastline - for those who are proficient at eFoiling


Group Session (2 or 3 eFoils) - 130€  
1 hour  with instructor

Private Session (1 eFoil)
 - 150€  
1 hour  with instructor

Check availability and make a reservation. 

Water Sports & Experiences

Two gorgeous beach locations surrounded by beautiful restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and culture

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