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Exclusive Aquatic Group Activities Sitges

Are you planning a group event, whether for clients/family/friends/celebration or you have been asked by your boss to come up with a great idea for team building/training/conference or company party ...


... look no further, we are here to help and we have some great ideas for you to experience the thrill and excitement of the sea

E-Aquatic Exclusive Yacht Charter and eFoil/SUP Water Sports Experience

The Yacht

Birthed in the stunning and quaint Marina of Sitges, this 12m Beneteau First 38 is a perfect vessel for those seeking an extraordinary sailing experience. With the ability to comfortably accommodate up to 11 passengers, alongside the yacht’s captain, this yacht promises a journey filled with comfort and adventure.

Experience the Marina of Sitges

The Marina of Sitges is not just a docking point; it's a gateway to one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Catalonia. The marina offers:

  • Scenic Views: Breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean Sea

  • Local Attractions: Proximity to cultural and historical landmarks, vibrant local markets, and exquisite dining options

  • Activities: Opportunities for water sports, beach activities, and exploring the charming town of Sitges

Set Sail from Sitges to Vilanova!  Exhilarating Excitement...

Embark on a 4-hour adventure from the picturesque Marina of Sitges to the charming town of Vilanova!

🌊  Ideal for groups of up to 10 people, making it a perfect outing for friends, family and corporate events.

🌊 Scenic coastal journey: sail along the stunning coastline of Sitges, passing beautiful seaside vistas and hidden coves until you arrive in Vilanova approximately 30 minutes later.

🏄 Action-packed water sports: our yacht will anchor in Vilanova and you’ll be greeted by our expert instructor for thrilling water sports including eFoiling, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) and snorkelling.

☀️ Relax and unwind: bask in the sun on deck, swim or snorkel in the warm Mediterranean waters and enjoy the watersports.

🍹 Onboard refreshments: soft drinks and snacks are provided. You can also bring your own picnic or order from our catering menu for a delightful snack at sea.

⚓ An unforgettable voyage: this journey blends serene Mediterranean sailing with the excitement of water sports, offering an experience perfect for both seasoned adventurers and curious novices. Create memories as boundless as the horizon!

💶 Price: Starting from 1600 euros, the final price depends on the yacht available at the time and the number of passengers.

🚤 Yacht preferences: we partner with a variety of sailboat and motor yacht owners. Please let us know your preference.

📅 Book now for an extraordinary maritime adventure!

Contact us via email, contact form, call or whatsapp chat

The Activities


Up to 5 eFoils are available, each with battery power for 60 minutes.  The time each person will have on an eFoil will be shared among your group members.  Our accompanying instructor will be on their own eFoil.


We have 5 standard SUPS and a giant SUP for up to 12 people can be hired at a slight additional cost should you all want to stand up paddle together....amazing fun!


Snorkelling equipment on board


Additional Activities

If want to include any of the activities below, we will contact our partners for availability and prices.

Aquatic Sports Available With Our Partner Providers

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